Nisha Kapoor

About Us

Nisha Kapoor is the director and head designer of DIMENSIONS,
a full services landscape design consultancy based out of 18/16 Ballygunje place, Kolkata.

With over 25 years of experience and an array of satisfied clients across the private and corporate sector, for the first time in 2008, Nisha Kapoor founded Dimensions, a boutique design firm focussing on landscape design, and re-modelling servic­es. Nisha Kapoor is known for her contemporary and modern style designs with worldly influence.

Dimensions is a Designers Collective, with skilled designers, artisans, and visual engineers determined to bring your exterior spaces to life. Dimensions always endeavours to deliver according to the clients personality and tastes and make your pride your own.  Also, delivering custom made designs from conceptualizations to implementation, Dimensions takes pride in handing over projects with record time.

We take special care of every client... and are committed to your satisfaction.